This mural was designed for 10 year old boy, who loves dirt biking more than anything else in the world. It was his birthday gift and he’s proud to show his room to all of his friends.

This mural was designed for 12 year old boy, who loves hockey. It definitely made his new room in the new house look more inviting and fun.

This mural was done for Taekwandoo School on the outside windows. The images were bigger than life size and had a great impact on students and visitors.

This mural was designed for client, who wanted to bring more restaurant feeling to her dining room. Tuscany landscape added elegance and more traditional look as well as made the furniture look stunning.


Under water theme was crated for a client, who wanted to add an exotic feel to his living room. It definitely created a great atmosphere as well as brought beautiful colours that were carried through the entire living space.